Founder of Passerbuys residing in Greenpoint, Brooklyn



Tell us about a notable memory from your upbringing, relating to anything, maybe something that continues to shape the way you think today?

I have vivid memories of going to the movies with my mother. We would make it a tradition to go every Thursday, even if there wasn't anything good on. Popcorn was mandatory, as was a glass of Limoo Shirin or grapefruit juice after the movie - she claimed it was good for digestion. I'll still crave Limoo Shirin after going to the movies.







What started you down the path of creating Passerbuys? What do you envision for its growth?

I've always been big on people watching, but I'm curious about women's routines, what they listen to, what they are reading. Having moved to New York in the age of Yelp and seeing how eclectic and varied women's lives are here, it got me thinking about creating an "artisanal" recommendations site that tries to acknowledges those differences better than sponsored recommendations. As for what I envision for Passerbuys? I hope that it becomes a place where women anywhere in the world can find advice, inspiration, and motivation -  but in a more practical way, like a google for women.



Do you have any rituals that aid your creative process?

A matinee at the cinema followed by an espresso. I love going to Film Society of Lincoln Center in the summer, I'll post up at the Hearst Plaza and let the movies that I watched sink in, there's nothing more stimulating for me. 




You’re constantly seeing new independent films, do the aesthetics cross over into your life in any way?

Absolutely, I find myself much more inspired by clothes in films rather than anywhere else. This past year, Hong Sang-soo's On The Beach at Night Alone helped define my winter look, then there was Philippe Garrel's Lover For A Day that put me on to ribbed mock sweaters with midi skirts.



What is something you are yearning to experience or learn?

Yearning to experience a little someone.


Maimoun comes from the Persian language word meaning to welcome guests/invite company. Tell us about a memorable time you hosted someone, a dinner, or a party.

I've only recently had the ability to host after years of living in apartments that were too small. My Persian side is definitely coming out and all I want to do is feed my friends with wine, food and good conversation. Planning a housewarming dinner series as we speak - white tablecloth, lilies, stoneware, candles, Persian dips...I can't wait for them.







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