Tell us of a notable memory from childhood that might shape the way you move through the world today.


When I was a teen my father took me to a high-end shopping center in Miami where he let me go into the Cavalli store and try on dresses for fun. We definitely could not afford anything within a 10 mile radius of this place but he liked to indulge my fantasies. I remember watching my father greet and acknowledge every single person down to the small old man pushing the garbage bin cleaning floors with respect, and when we left he told me to look every person in the eye and honor their presence, no matter their seeming position of power or lack of in that moment. "That person could save your life one day." The unpredictable way the world works, I felt the severity of that statement and it changed the way I take up space and share it with every person I come in contact with. I hardly remember the details on the wedding dress I tried on but I remember the old man's face clearly. 



Your songs are transportive both melodically and lyrically, what do you find most informs the process from conception to the materialization of your work?

Thank you for saying that, it means a lot to me. I hope to always create from Source, so meditating on what sounds and lyrics blend together that allow the message to be received most clearly, is my driving force.







What drives you to create art, what leaves you feeling overwhelmed and unstimulated by art?


Immortality. The chance to change someone's view on life. the hope to meet my own Highest Self in this lifetime. Observing the emptiness of mainstream music and artists' desire to reach that makes me want to disappear. 



What is something you are yearning to experience? 


I will one day perform with a live orchestra.  It's my most recurring dream!



What is your most cherished space/object in your home?


My vacuum lol.



What can you tell us about upcoming projects in your pursuit of creation?


I'm working on a body of music that I hope to share more vulnerability with via vocals and emphasis on lyrics. Pray for me plssss!











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