Mosie Romney is an Artist living and working in Ridgewood, Queens, New York where they were photographed by us weeks before the opening of their solo show with Nicodim Gallery, titled ENERGY never.  A Jamaican American Artist, Romney’s works are spell-binding, and tell a nonlinear story that is pieced together by dreams, intimate conversations, trans-generational bloodlines, chaos and, magic.  Here we sit down with Mosie for a short dialogue about the silence and slowness of today’s reality, a background in Archiving, and details about their current exhibition ENERGY never. If you reside in Los Angeles, we highly suggest a visit to Nicodim Gallery where their paintings, drawings and, sculptures will be showcased until May.






How are you seeking the benefits of solitude during this time?


I’ve been turning inward: meditating and drinking tea slowly. Naturally I am a very social person, so while it has been nice to have time to reflect, I’ve been challenged to explore more solitary hobbies.  I’ve gotten into learning more art history, writing in my journal, trying new painting techniques, and focusing on my puppy Oopsie Daisy. I feel more intentional in general.


Your previous work as a cultural archivist has influenced the process of conception for your paintings, could you tell us how it materializes in your work?


Working in the archives at the Studio Museum validated my desire to be an artist. While organizing and digitizing some of the museum's institutional history, I worked with files from their renowned Artist in Residence Program. I found images of young black artists like myself working and living as artists and it sparked a fire in me to start sharing my work. I also worked with Mierle Laderman Ukeles and Kameelah Janan Rasheed to organize their archives. Kameelah’s practice inspired me to buy images on eBay to create transhistorical worlds for my work. 







You have an upcoming solo show with renowned Nicodim Gallery, is there a common thread within the work that will be shown there? 

ENERGY Never is opening on March 25 at Nicodim Gallery. I’ll be showing my collection of Siamese cats in an installation and paintings. The works are connected through an idea of Intergenerational chaos magic.  They evoke and depict spells, dreams, babies, alien angels, ancestors, and resonant sound.









During our studio visit, we came across a few porcelain siamese cat sculptures, so naturally we had to ask...what weight do they hold with you as far as symbolism?

My grandmother collected porcelain siamese cats along with many other figurines and objects. I’m inspired by her collecting practice, so I decided to collect ceramic Siamese cats to honor her. Siamese cats are symbols of good luck & are thought to ward off evil spirits.  Always in pairs, these cats are believed to represent glory and longevity.  For me, the figurines evoke a sense of ancestry. 


What’s next for you in the pursuit of creation when the world opens up again?

I'm excited to host sound bath performances amongst my sculptures.




Romney is photographed wearing Maimoun’s resort collection by Mina Alyeshmerni.

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