We take a moment to share a dialogue with Neada about the process of launching her sustainable skincare line called LESSE, what rituals are important to her, things she looks for when decorating a new home and something she is currently re-discovering.  


You grew up in Australia, moved to New York and now live in Venice, California, which one element has signified home to you in each location?


The ocean will always signify Australia for me. New York is the breeze, brought on more keenly by the fast pace of it all; whenever I return for a visit, it instantly brings back every memory of living there, maybe my most definitive time. California, as home, is the blue view out our bedroom window each morning.





You have a new skincare line named LESSE what is your relationship with makeup like and what brought you to create a skin care product line?


After growing up in Australia by the beach and having an all-organic, minimal skin care regime, my skin just couldn’t adapt to New York. I had breakouts consistently for five years, and during that time fell into an easy cycle of using the harshest, chemical-laden products to try and abate the issue. I was so self-conscious about my skin and it really affected my self-esteem.

During that time I was working in editorial, so I got to try every beauty product on the market. But honestly, nothing worked for my skin ­­–– it was only when I had a really elaborate, intensive, and very expensive regime that I noticed a difference. I also just found that lines were so complex (dozens of different cleansers and hydrators, which you have to switch out season to season!).

So I just began formulating products for me. I really wanted to create products that were healthy for skin inside and out (organic ingredients only!), that established a simplified regime so I could have a consistent ritual at home or when I travelled or when life gets insanely busy (always!), and, most of all, that really worked.

It was something I did on the side, for me. I didn’t have aspirations to launch a company, but when I began sharing these products with my partner and friends I realized that there was a need out there for a line like LESSE.





Is there someone that has influenced your vision of beauty?

I see beauty in people I encounter every day. I suppose it’s there in all of us. But if I had to name one person it would be my friend Wini Burkeman –– she has the most beautiful skin and hasn’t worn makeup since the early 90s. Absolutely my ideal LESSE woman.

The word “ritual” is referenced as part of your ethos with LESSE, what are some of your own rituals, either with loved ones or with yourself?

Long summer weekends with friends, early morning coffee with my partner, long distance calls with family.


You’re very thoughtful about all aspects of your business including the effects to the environment, what is it like to be a young beauty company with an eye on sustainability at this time?  

There are so many ideas I have for how to make LESSE even more sustainable! It’s a priority for me –– I love this planet so much and we owe her everything. I’m excited for the new sustainable pathways we’re creating for the company and for the industry, and feel very fortunate to have an independent business. It means I never have to compromise on these values.


 You’ve recently moved into your new home, what are you drawn to when decorating the space? 

Organic materials, rare and vintage designs, elements that patina over time.


What is something you have loved for a long time?

Courage and honesty in others.





What is something you are currently re-discovering?

Reading. It was one of my first and lasting loves, but somehow work and life got in the way, but I’m back.

Maimoun comes from the Persian language word meaning to welcome guests/invite company. If you could invite anyone to dinner who would it be what would the atmosphere be like?

I would love to have a glass of wine with Patti Smith and Georgia O’Keeffe. Patti would pick the music and I would cook something simple but hearty. Georgia would interject with something quietly profound from time to time.






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