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Henrik Vibskov first heard about Central Saint Martins from a woman he was interested in. Playing in a band in Copenhagen at the time, he followed her to the prestigious school, to which he applied and was accepted into. Eventually graduating in 2001, this coincidental series of events would launch his esteemed career in fashion design, adding the discipline to the multidisciplinary artist’s oeuvre. Ranging from photography to installation art, the Danish-born artist’s practice represents a symbiosis, with each of his projects feeding off one another and working from the same basket of influences. An ardent fan of British indie rock, Vibskov mirrors its all-encompassing spirit in his own design ethos -- a holistic sense of identity, embodying attitude along with style, is emanated from his garments. He straddles the line between theatricality and wearability by balancing meticulous tailoring with vivid colorways, curious graphics, and unexpected proportions. Vibskov’s departure from the minimalist sensibilities of his native Scandinavia is representative of a new crop of creatives drawn towards the experimental, dubbed ‘The New Nordic Movement.’ Spontaneity and playfulness permeate Henrik Vibskov’s life and work, driving his illustrious career forward.

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