Current Collection for Kristin Mallison

Kristin Mallison is originally from Michigan and moved to NYC to pursue a degree in Fashion Design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Soon after graduating she became disenchanted with the waste that the fashion industry primarily produced and decided to segue into interior design which inspired a return to craftsmanship and the yearning for longevity of design. Each garment Mallison makes is an Edition of 1 and is meant to be worn and passed down as a cherished heirloom piece. The fabric sourcing for each item has its own story, with historical tapestries featuring Rococo courtship scenes to Middle Eastern marketplaces to landscapes. Repurposed mid-century upholstery fabrics featuring lively floral motifs as well as vintage hand-embroidered needlepoint canvases play a dominant role in her work, and are sourced from all around the world.



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